Ko te Amorangi ki mua, ko te hāpai o ki muri



Kahungunu Executive has been established since 1945 with the creation of the Maori Economic Advancement Act, later amended to the Maori Community Development Act 1962 (and amended in 1967). 

 The Act has given the Trust the foundation upon which to base its development in the last four decades around the social, economic and cultural development of the Kahungunu ki Te Wairoa District community.


Kahungunu Executive is also a Charitable Trust and has been registered as such since November 1998.  This was done primarily to strengthen the Executive’s contracting abilities within the Health sector, however the purposes of the Charitable Trust are more far reaching than this and extend into other wellness related activities such as employment, training and housing.  The purpose of the Trust aligns with its status under the Act, and is as follows:

 “To provide health services to and promote the education and awareness of health matters amongst the beneficiaries (i.e. people who reside within the boundaries of the Wairoa District Council) and in attaining these objects, the Trustees possess the following functions:

To conserve, improve, advance and maintain their physical, educational and spiritual wellbeing;

  • To preserve, revive and maintain the teaching of Maori arts, crafts, language, genealogy and history in order to perpetuate Maori tikanga;
  • To collaborate with and assist Government Departments and other organisations and agencies in:
    • The placement of the beneficiaries in industry and other forms of employment
    • The education, vocational guidance and training of the beneficiaries
    • The provision of housing and the improvement of the living conditions of the beneficiaries
    • The promotion of sanitation amongst the beneficiaries
    • The assistance of beneficiaries in the solution of difficulties or personal problems”

 The Charitable Trust has Trustees who are nominated by the Kahungunu Tribal Executive Committee.  The beneficiaries are the community of the Wairoa District.  This retains the links between the two entities and ensures communication between the two entities is maintained.  



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