Ko te Amorangi ki mua, ko te hāpai o ki muri


Kahungunu Executive’s long term vision is to provide affordable, quality, healthy homes for people in the Wairoa community.  

Housing is an important determinant of health and social wellness. 
The Housing Innovation Fund will target local residents of Wairoa in need of housing who are important to the economic and social wellbeing of the community.

The eligibility criteria will target low income individuals or whanau who are unable to access affordable and quality housing, whose need is not being met by current market rental pricing, or availability of housing in Wairoa.

The target group of the Housing Innovation Fund is:

  • Low income earners who have family members with health issues
  • Low income earners with family
  • Overcrowding issues
  • Single or couples with no children who are low income earners