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Health Promotion

The Health Promotion service aims to create an increased awareness of healthy lifestyle choices and increased wellbeing which will contribute towards improved self-care of individuals and whānau to manage and improve their health. The core focus is on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Smoke Cessation.

Services we provide

We deliver FREE programmes to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and whānau (including local schools, Ngā Kohanga Reo and Early Childhood Education Centres) by encouraging and supporting them to:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness in making healthy food choices

  • Increase knowledge of how to grow, gather and prepare healthy kai – Mahinga Kai and Maara Kai

  • Improve knowledge and increase awareness of the benefits of physical activity

  • Develop physical activity/fitness programmes that best suit the needs of the individual/whānau by making use of the natural resources we have throughout the Rohe

  • Quit smoking by increasing knowledge and awareness of the benefits of being smoke free through the provision of Smoke Cessation Programmes and/or Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)


  • Individuals and whānau are provided with free and confidential support, information and education related to nutrition, physical activity and smoke cessation

  • Individuals and whānau are supported to access other Health and Social Services

  • Advice and assistance to develop a plan of care and support based on individual/whānau needs and aspirations

Community linkages, access

We are able to provide support and assistance to you at:

  • Home

  • Schools, TKR, ECE

  • Marae

  • Rural Hauora/Marae

  • Your Workplace

  • Community Events and Venues

  • A place of your choice


Anyone who requires support and assistance to make healthy lifestyle changes can access these services.

We accept referrals from:

  • Self/Whānau/Friends

  • GP practices

  • Education providers

  • Other services and agencies


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