Your Rights

RESPECT - You will always be treated with respect, including respect for your culture, values, beliefs and personal privacy.

FAIR TREATMENT - Service provided will be free of pressure, harassment and discrimination

DIGNITY AND INDEPENDENCE - Services should support you to live a dignified and independent life

PROPER STANDARDS - You will receive caring, skilled and personalised treatment specific to your needs

COMMUNICATION - Everything you say will be listened to carefully.  Everything you need to know will be in a language you can understand.

INFORMATION - You have the right to have your condition explained and be told what your choices are, the benefits, risks, and costs.  You may ask any questions to help you be fully informed.

IT'S YOUR DECISION - When you are receiving any service, you can say no or change your mind at any time.

SUPPORT - You have the right to have someone support you in most circumstances.

TEACHING AND RESEARCH - These rights apply when you are taking part in teaching and research

COMPLAINTS - It is okay to complain.  Your complaint will help improve our services.  It will not have an adverse effect on the way you are treated.


Your Responsibilities

HONESTY- To give information that may influence your care or treatment

ASK - To ask for further explanations of anything you may not understand

CONTACT - To tell appropriate people if you are unable to keep an appointment when leaving the area, or if you no longer require or wish to continue with our service

PRIVACY - To respect the privacy, dignity and safety of other clients and staff of Kahungunu Executive

RESPECT - To respect other peoples religious, cultural and ethnic practices.



To improve our services, we would appreciate your comments, compliments, or complaints.

We welcome your feedback.  This will be treated in confidence.  Your personal details are optional; you do not have to fill in your name, address or phone number if you don't want to.

Your comments will be passed on to the General Manager who may contact you for further information if required.

When you have a Comment or Compliment:

  • You can verbally discuss the comments or compliments with a staff member, Supervisor, or Service Manager
  • Use the contact form on this page
  • Fill out a compliment/complaints form at our office at 65 Queen Street, Wairoa.


Kahungunu Executive will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days of receiving it, unless it has been resolved before then.

You can request all information held by us that may be relevant to your complaint.

If the investigation of your complaint takes more than 20 working days, we will inform you of this and the reason/s why.

We will inform you of the outcome of your complaint and any actions taken or being considered.